***Cause we all just wanna be big Rock Stars ***

November 15, 2009 at 9:33 pm (2009)

Damn I am feeling good, putting a time out on boys has helped to put everything into perpective. Its funny how they can override your thoughts but anyway its all become very clear to me now. So I am heading back to UNISA to finish my degree, its all very exciting in a weird way, I am scared shitless but in a good way. “Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I have decided to stop my fear of failure before it takes over my entire existance and wake up a 90 yr old woman with regrets. I dont want to regret anything. I want to be best and the time is now.

Shew but anyway, what a weekend. Friday was insane, started off at Rascals for a few pints of my favourite draught with the crew and lots of laughs, I refuse to mention the rugby and the dude that raped the National Anthem. Muis was hitting the Jaeger hard, “Holly, lets have another one!” which was promptly followed by “Ja, suuure, love that shit!” Headed to Home Bar for the final, okay not so final, drinks of the night. Ohhh the Patron was flowing, I love that stuff. I was having conversations with a dude about working for him at his publishing company, the funny things is when I knew him back in the day, he was the local organiser of weed and booze to all the up and coming influentials at Bishops, its funny how 10yrs and kids can make an oke grow up. Then Daisies came back to bite me in the ass, again,  I was promptly told of another idiotic thing that I did, eek,  “I’ll have another Patron please, I need to forget!”  You know its game over when the restaurant owner is telling you, you can leave with your beers if you just go now, Monster Munch and I left arms around each other and earphone in a each ear listening to Nicklebacks – Rockstar, epic night – not so epic the next morning.

Oooh I was hung, badly hung, I need to take a leaf out of Guru’s book and pop the valoid before bed. Wave after wave of nausea was hitting me, all I could think was how the fuck am I supposed to go and do 4hrs of team building, fecking team building on Saturday afternoon when the very thought of lifting my head from my pillow brought on sprints to the “white telephone”. I totally pulled a sicky, “cough, cough, I think I have food poisoning” sigh “been throwing up all night long!”  I think she totally knew that I was hanging but I could care less, I dont care about those assholes anymore and the fact that my boss had already paid for me to participate made cancelling all the sweeter. The unfortunate part of my hanging experience was Alpha is in town, I had to come right by 5pm for drinks and Deco. Shew that red wine went down badly but I held strong, my need to party with my friend who is only here for another week surpassed my need to vomit. Deco was awesome as always, the music puts me in my happy place, I may not be dressed like a goth anymore but I still can head bang with the best of them (my goth faze was very brief, 3 months of Doc Martens and long skirts just wasnt hot). Monster Munch came and partied with us, and this is then the dreaded words were spoken “Tequila!” Feck! Still partied like a rock star, even when I was hit on by a girl no less, eek, Monster Munch was sucking face in a corner and I was being hit on by a girl. Has it been that long since I have been with a guy that I am starting to look like a lesbian?? I need to get my mojo back its been to long. Now that I have a sense of purpose I need to head out on the town ooooh, shes back, with a vengeance. Parents lock your boys away. Guru you might be getting a late night phone call soon.


When she started asking me if I wanted to head back to her place was when the night was officially over for me. Monster’s chick was all over him like a wet t-shirt and I wasnt about to stick around for that. Two nights of 4am bed times, my body has taken a beating.

But fuck it, I’m 29 and I can still party like a Rock Star!!


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Erogenous Zones: Not Always Where You’d Think

November 8, 2009 at 5:36 pm (Fun and Games, Kisses, Let's Talk About Sex Baby)


Lying in bed this morning, I was doing one of my favourite things – making my man get goosebumps on his chest. Strangely enough, I didn’t have to go below the belt to do this… there are just certain things and certain places that I know exactly how to deal with to get goosebumps. This got me thinking how many erogenous or sensitive zones there are and how easy it is to give or get a shiver without going for the main areas…

  • The neck; whether it is the back of his neck where his hair curls into a little ducktail, or the sides or that little hollow above the collar bone
  • Just below the breasts; the top of my tummy just underneath the boobs is super sensitive
  • His chest; running nails down the center is an instant shiver and goosebump trick
  • Hands and wrists; amazing how sexy hands can be sometimes…
  • The hollow of the back; ticklish almost beyond comfort, this area is quite amazing
  • The corner of his lips; kissing him just on the corner of his mouth drives him insane!
  • The feet; a foot rub can be both soothing and sexy, depending on the mood and intentions

At the end of the day, a good shag can be just that – straight up wham bam, or it can be more of an experience. Sometimes you can even drive each crazy and never progress beyond a kiss. Sensuality is where it’s at, and while that doesn’t mean that wham bam doesn’t have its place, there is definitely something to be said for slow seduction, hehe.

~ Vic

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A trip down memory lane

November 8, 2009 at 3:55 pm (Uncategorized)

I was standing in the kitchen cooking now listening to Adult Contemporary on DSTV (me, an adult, never!) and Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer came on. Whirwinds of memories came flashing back. Those times in your life when the excitement filled your belly at the prospect of seeing the guy you liked out and about. This was definitely back in the day when Springfield/Greenman was the only place to go every weekend. Where friendships were formed and hearts sent into a frenzy of love and lust and just pure chaos at the thought of seeing that particular person.

Whispers and giggles  in corners and toe curling kisses in dark alleys. Dancing till your feet hurt and head banging till your head spun out of pure adrenaline. Alcohol infused walks in the dark, train spotting with that bottle of beer in your bag. Heady looks across darks rooms and sweaty hands being held as the music made that particular moment stop and forever be ingrained your memory.

I fell in love many times, I would go to those places in hope of seeing “that guy” the love of my life, the boy who made my heart stop. The boy who made my dreams a blissfull place to be and the boy who either make that night absolutely fantastic or completely ruin it by not being there. Plans were never made, it was hit and miss, ahh those days where just the smell of Tommy Boy would make me swoon. Pearl Jam Black was played over and over again because that boy could play it on the guitar and would sing it to me like the song was written just for me. Where the sight of a little blue city golf would make me want to smile all night long. Long blonde hair and blue eyes staring back at me and making me want the moment to last forever.

Walking to Greenman from Conties all by myself in hope that the 6f8 rugby player would be there. Listening to Breakfast at Tiffanys and hearing him say, “this is our song!”.  Sleeping in his gigantic t-shirt and and being held all night long with nothing expected. The world did eventually come between us, whole continents.

The heady rush of memories gone by, where love touched me and crushed me. I look back and remember the good times, times gone by when anything was possible and I never gave up on the chance of love.

I still haven’t.



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