Merry Christmas Y’all :-)

December 23, 2009 at 1:37 pm (Uncategorized)

So 2009 is coming to an end and its that time of year again. Damn Christmas makes me fluffy, yes the last minute shopping is painful but the chaos is all apart of it. The song attached is my favourite Christmas carol, yes I am painfully happy at this time of year but I have to say that this song just makes my heart sing, lots of happy Christmassy feelings.

This year has awoken me in so many ways. Maybe its the pending 3 0 but I like to think I am finally coming into my own, or rather maybe I am moving on from London. It only took two years for my break up with London to heal. I would still move back tomorrow but not having it be apart of my life is finally okay. Like I said in my previous post I can bring a little crazy into my own back yard, without the judging eyes that are upon me in my ordinary day to day life knowing. So sneaky I know.

There have been a lot of ups and downs, Vics romance with the noisy man, Vics breakup with the noisy man. Work giving me lots of shit, screaming matches and finally compensation for all the shit I have had to put up with. Mojo’s returned, mojo’s dashed, boys, boys, boys – The good the bad but ultimately for me the year is ending on the high of all high’s.

So to all, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, with lots of hugs and lots of arguments. And the Merriest of New Years, to 2010 may this new year bring lots of insanity.



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Breakups 101

December 21, 2009 at 8:15 pm (2009)

So it’s been about three and a half weeks of being single again, and while I can’t say there haven’t been some really shitty days, all in all it isn’t ALL bad being on my own again. The things that I have always liked about being single are not the usual things… for me it was never about behaving badly all the time or partying non-stop. That’s not to say that I don’t want to party at all or score randoms ever again – it’s just not the be all and end all about being my own person again.

The highs…

  • Never having to apologise or be careful what I say
  • Being able to not worry about shaving my legs every day
  • Going off the pill for a break
  • Going out and drinking what I want, and coming home as late as I want
  • Putting myself first again
  • Remembering that there are so many hot guys in this city
  • Not having to take advice or lean on anyone

The lows…

  • Not being able to share funny things
  • Being out and drunk and feeling vulnerable
  • No more shags/foot rubs/kisses and hugs on tap
  • Having someone to comfort me after a bad day
  • Missing all the quirks and laughs and long discussions and phone calls from the bath

It comes down to trial and error I suppose, and I will eventually get it right. Much as it would be easier to hate him or call him an asshole, I can’t really do that and I don’t have any hard feelings really. Sure I miss him still, and I will feel sad for a while still… but overall it’s getting easier and I think I’ve handled it all pretty well, all things considered.

If anything, this has taught me a lot about what I want, and who I have become. Whatever happens, I am just not that same jaded hard-ass single chick I was before all of this, and I’m glad about that. With work and friends and family taking up so much of my life, and big plans for this next year, it feels like I’ve grown up a lot and I don’t have to resort back to the old me.

A amicable and clean breakup, that’s the best way to do it – once the last bit of sads go away, I’ll be right as rain with no hang ups or scars. And compared to some of the other shit I’ve been through, this has been a walk in the park. It is that reason more than anything else that makes dating nice guys the way to go! 😉

~ Vic

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Summer Madness…

December 14, 2009 at 9:41 pm (2009, Fun and Games)

This last week has been a bit crazy, I have to admit I’ve gone off the rails a bit. Plan “bring crazy back” brought a whole new level of fun to my life, I now truly understand the concept of “the year of yes”.  I have allowed myself to become too staid, taking crazy out of my life brought a whole new level of boredom. I started forgetting all the good things about crazy, the unexpected parties, the unexpected Brit boy and as soon as I started allowing the crazy back in I have to say my life has taken an unexpected upturn. In the book The Secret they talk about allowing positive energy into your life, as long as you can dream it, as long as you are positive good shit happens. And maybe for me, crazy is just that, my positive side pushing out all the negative boring crap that happens on a day to day basis and bringing a new sense of lightness, happiness and a feeling that as scary as change may be, change brings a new adventure and I love new adventures. So I cant afford to travel right now, I will just create my own little journey in my backyard.

So it only ended up being a week of Brit boy, we hooked up a couple of times, it was really awesome, it made me realise alot of things but the greatest thing to come out of it was the realisation that I am not lost, I am still me and no matter where I am in my life and in this crazy fucked up world, me is not such a bad place to be. And to be quite honest he made me feel so damn sexy, Irish did that for me after Bad Shag destroyed my self esteem and now Brit boy has done it again. Dont get me wrong, I dont have shitty self esteem, some might say I am far too over confident but when you dont put yourself out there you start to retreat into yourself and sometimes thats not a good place to be.

I find it quite amusing that as soon as you put yourself out there, good stuff happens, all of a sudden the propositions are there. I have always liked Monster Munch but didnt give the thought of scoring him a second thought. He is a complete trust fund baby but with a wicked sense of humour and a penchant for causing mayhem. Eek he tried, I feel guilty I totally batted him for a six but when someone you never thought would ever go for you does, you also realise that all is not lost, ooh baby, I’ve still got it.

The good news that I havent told you guys yet:

  1. I am finally getting my raise along with the inflation increase raise in February, my boss is not as stingy and full of shit as I thought. Exciting times, I may just start looking for another job anyway.
  2. I love HM Revenue and Customs, finally after two years I am getting my tax back, and damn but all those Pounds have been worth the wait. Exchange rate you better stay high.
  3. I’m moving to town next year and I really cant wait for that adventure to begin, I really do beleive the move will bring a whole new chapter to my life.
  4. Brit boy ended up being an asshole, as exciting as the inital stages were he was a bit of chop and a bit doff too, doff turns me off. But I had fun and thats whats important at the end of the day. He was just a catalyst, a means to an end, a stepping stone on the road toward being me again.

So summer is here, late nights, warm glistening water on sun soaked skin, the smell of wet, hot pavements after the summer rain and a wonderful sense that anything is possible.



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“It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right. I hope you had the time of your life.”

December 7, 2009 at 9:18 pm (2009)

Saturday was awesome, crazy but awesome – I shall tell the tale knowing that boys that I don’t necessarily want to read this will read this but it was so perfect that well how can I not share one of the best experiences that I have ever had.

Vic and I had arranged a party night, we hadn’t been out in awhile but with Vic’s newly single status we had to go out and celebrate/commiserate and put the plan of “get mojo back” into action. Before we went out, I had said to Vic that I don’t care but I am not coming home until I had kissed someone. You see, it’s been a very long time since I have gone out met someone and just kissed, randomly, just like that, the tumbleweed between my legs just wasn’t working for me anymore and with the Guru away for the weekend, well it was time to get out there, divide and conquer, bring crazy back, crazy like London crazy, mojo deluxe.

Neighbourhood for chilled drinkies and a few Patrons, good laughs and the sound and heat of the city pulsating through your veins. Killer heels on, ready to take on Long Street. We needed to dance and so we hit Dubliner, old school vibes, some hot tourists, some sleaze balls and one really cute Brit boy.  Flirt, flirt, flirt…….damn when you’re good, you’re good. I haven’t lost it; it’s all there for the taking. We kissed, I went off to buy my street kids some chow and then I lost him. I was so pissed off. Vic was dronky and wanted to head home, I was depressed about losing Brit boy so I just said yes, even though I was still in party mode. We climbed in the taxi and then all of sudden there he was, it was so perfect, some may even call it fate. I told him to jump in.

We dropped Vic off and then it was time to decide where to go next, since he was fresh off the boat, I asked him if he had seen the sea yet. The answer being no, I directed the taxi driver in the direction of Camps Bay (somewhere along this line I lost my cell phone). The smell of sea air permeating the air, toes curled in the sand and the waves crashing around our feet we kissed in the moonlight, very romantic, very sexy and totally crazy. Who was this guy?

We headed out, back to his hotel, kisses, lots and lots of kisses, stumbling into the entry hall, requesting beers for the room, I don’t think we even finished one. I don’t think I want to go into detail but lets just say honestly one of the best nights of my life, awe inspiring, amazing, completely perfect in everyway. He’s here for two weeks; this is going to be fun.

He only has one con – he’s a cockney – he says nuffink – but he travels the world working for the Home Office so he’s an educated cockney. And we like educated boys don’t we?



PS Who needs yoga?

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December 3, 2009 at 9:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Babe, I may be full of Jaeger as I write this post but bloody hell that’s hilarious – ahhh, ahhh, I mean for crying in a bucket you aren’t coming, do not make that fucking noise. Ha ha, you are fully clothed lying in the bed smooching and ahhh, ahhh bwahahahahahahah. I cant help it its so terrible I cant stop laughing.

I have to say this is the first time that Vic and myself have dated the same guy but the fact that we both have the same problem makes it a global problem. I mean seriously what girl finds a guy making girly noises attractive?? I may be the most sexually frustrated chick on the planet right now but for petes sake if you want my clitoris to shrivel up and die make a noises ahh, ahh.

It was so funny, we were away for Angies hen night and discussing what sort of person each girl was in bed, screamer vs. non screamer – they all thought I was a screamer. They all stared in disbelief when I said I wasn’t. Orgasms are so personal; they boil over out of you, through every pore. Its like an incredible, overwhelming feeling, I cant explain it but for each person different, I think screamers are faking it, I may be wrong but that’s what I think.



Damn its been too long, Vic, I do believe its time.

😉 H

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Oh, ooh… no!

December 3, 2009 at 8:22 pm (2009, Guy Skills)

I have to say it… when one partner doesn’t feel the urge to make a noise in bed, and the other just can’t suppress their giggle-worthy moans, it’s not all that easy to find a middle ground. Waking up the neighbours with noises that make you want to laugh, cry or just put your hand over their mouth is never the best way to get into the mood – it just isn’t hot!

So what do you do if you have a noisy one? Like I did, you put up with it. You put on music and you try to resist the urge to put a pillow over their face, and you just accept that it’s something some do. I’m a quiet one, he never was. At least he never snored!

Ah well, at least I don’t have to put up with that anymore, hehe. Hopefully the next one will be quieter – and also not snore. Too bad you can’t program them beforehand, that would make like so much easier hey ladies!

~ Vic

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