The Slut Factor…

July 14, 2010 at 7:28 pm (Let's Talk About Sex Baby)

I’ve been thinking about my “history” of late and I wont deny I honestly don’t think I can remember them all, does that make me a slut? I lost my virgin status quite young, curiosity got the better of me in so many ways and I have always been incredibly sexual but because I don’t see anything wrong with the odd shag here and there does that make me a bit of a slut?

On the one hand I wholeheartedly believe that as woman we should be able to be sexually liberal pick and choose who we want to “fuck” or “do” without misconceptions or judgment but in South Africa there is still that element of conservative thinking, we will be judged as scarlet lettered woman, we wont be seen as free thinking, free-spirited girls, with probably a higher IQ than the next. Girls will never be seen as perhaps someone who enjoys fucking for the sake of fucking but rather as slutty little whores or desperate.

I have found in my textbook of shag buddys that the fact that I am extremely liberated, love shagging with the lights on and don’t mind telling them what to do (because sometimes they are just doing it bloody wrong) is incredibly threatening to their manhood.  Being sexually strong and with a brain cell or two is actually threatening to some males and their insecurities start shining through. They don’t need to prove anything to me but because I have a number to look back to and measure against, they feel they need to. Its boring, guys that over try bore me to tears. I could always start writing about fucking vs nice and slow but I suppose that would take me off the topic at hand.

There is the other side of the coin to being liberal (yes, lets euphamise slut), all the dirty little things that can happen when you like a shag or two but I like to think I am educated enough to know how to use a condom and to take responsibility for my actions, miss gynae and mr condom go hand in hand.

So what actually makes a girl a slut, is there a certain number of guys she must have shagged in order to get that status, are we not free thinking enough to see the other side and that what men can do woman can sometimes do better. Can we not just be seen as human with sexual thoughts and feelings instead what society expects us to be. I don’t want to sit at home on a Saturday night and watch romcoms waiting for the romance and sexual chemistry to happen, I want to make it happen.

As Dorothy so poignantly put it “I’d rather be a happy slut than a miserable prude.”



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The Seagulls name was Nelson

July 7, 2010 at 8:24 pm (2010)

So once again I am incredibly glad to have inherited my Mothers memory, I won another bet, hence the name of this post, yes, it’s actually a song. Google it. So much World Cup madness, met a cute American boy, love intelligent conversations. We smooched and then I ran off with his hat. Kissed an Argentinian too, yup, weird night. Patron, yes, you would be correct.

It’s strange how the lead up to your 30th can lead you into a blind panic and then once its there you sort of just don’t care anymore, umm, how do I put this, fuck it, I’m still having fun. I am incredibly blessed, there is a lot of love in the air from family and friends, I have a roof over my head and a warm blanket that covers my body every night and a salary that pays for all my goofiness, I am one lucky girl who am I to complain.

Bad shag has impregnated his wife, wasnt impressed when I found that out, umm well because it was one of the reasons why we broke up, mini vomé in the mouth. But once again the “he’s just not that into you” concept comes into play, he does want to impregnate someone, just not you, mini back flip in emotions and then it was umm do you really care?? You would have settled, do you want that?? Nooooo!!!

Lots of news, please excuse…

Guru has come back on scene, not in quite the way you would expect, closure no. 2 for the month. You know how you go back to a situation expecting one thing and then you get another, well that was it and I kind of walked away going, Thank God , the feelings are gone, still think he’s a rad guy though, challenging – ja, I like that brain.

Found out from Furball that a new girl friend of mine wants me, that was quite interesting, he found out at my birthday, remind me I need to tell the pepper  spray story at some point (highlight of my birthday, sarcasm noted) , anyway she is bi which I recently found out too and well, wants me. Hmmm I am just playing friends, we are going away for her birthday, remind me not to drink too much, I am too crazy when I drink.

Player has been reminding me of the fact that I am the worst kind of procrastinator that there is, and its holding me back in such a huge way. Umm tomorrow, no I don’t think so, umm how about next month, umm…. Ja not good. I’m reading the 7 habits of highly effective people, time to move forward and yes, I have been talking about this for months, years, decades but now I actually have to do it. I promise I will do it  – I will send my CV out. I will, I promise!! Blog promise!! You can give me shit if I go back on it.

There is so much to tell and only so much internet time….well, I am just having fun for the moment, I don’t want to complicate my life, ooh, exams results, I was right I fucked up Xhosa, Comm Law was fine and so was Info Science. I am too old for this shit, I hate studying.

A poll you say???

The question is:

Should I finish my degree or just work my way up?

Time to go, time to have another glass of red vino!!

H 🙂

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