I wish I could argue without crying!

August 23, 2010 at 4:48 pm (2010, Just a few thoughts)

Being female is the bain of my existence, I wish for one day I could be a man and argue to the point of frustration, without fucking crying. I wish that my ovaries didnt dictate my tear ducts and I wish that I could be rational when PMSing. I wish that I could have a rational argument without delving into my evil side and I wish that those that have it in for me a revolving door of Karma in their faces.

I wish all the things I think about after the fact, would come into my brain while the argument is actually occurring and I really wish that people out there would stop being so incredibly petty and causing shit for the sake of causing shit because they havent had a power trip in awhile. People tend to forget where I come from, people tend to forget that although I dont name drop, I know people and to stand there and try to speak the truth, when I know I am right will only make you fall very hard.

The game has only just begun, this is going to be fun, thank God the hormones are back in check, tears ducts check, chin up check, walking with my head held high the way my Mommy taught me, check.

“Fok hulle Pa, ne Pa, fok hulle!”



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