Hi my name is Holly and its been 92 days…

September 28, 2010 at 4:46 pm (2010, Just a few thoughts)

since my last shag.

I want this boy!!

You would think I would be clawing at straws by now but surprisingly I’m okay. Okay I’m a lighter shade of purple. And I attempted sexually abusing Toy Boy on Thursday night before promptly getting bored and kicking him out of my flat (I was defriended on facebook because of this ha ha). I have no shame when I am drunk and I actually told him I was bored and that it was time to leave, he wasnt impressed, I didn’t care, I still don’t care, does that make me a bad person. Boys that smell like dove soap, I don’t know hey, my clit died.

Less than two weeks till Daisies, there’s a new boy that I like, he’s emotionally unstable, just broken up with his girlfriend and acts like a cocky wanker in front of his friends. On the other hand he loves the same music that I do, likes me for all my bullshit and we can talk for hours and hours. He even called me exotically beautiful, does that mean the same thing that cute does? Hope not. I am not sure if Daisies is the right time to attempt a fondle with this boy. But man I want him. Did I mention he plays the drums too, yesiree, this boy used to play in a band, sexy Rocker boy mmmm…. Leave me be all I have left are my fantasies.

My mate and I went onto some dating websites the other day (is this a sign of pure and unadulterated desperation eek), and I decided I am not quite ready to pay to date, why must I pay someone to get introduced to some new boys. Is it the sign of the times that everything is done in front of a freaking computer and no one just goes out and meets people. Vomit not quite ready to follow that path. Desperation is not in my vocabulary just yet.

No news, no penis, does 3 months of no sex make me a virgin again?



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  1. Rox said,

    Hahaha, oh thirsty… had such a laugh when I read this.

    Of all my friends, I think that I have always been the least romantic, the most cynical, the most jaded and the most dysfunctional when it comes to views on lurve and romance and relationships. Even some of my GUY friends think I have a terrible attitude, and I can honestly say that I’m not even sure I believe in love at all.

    But somehow, despite my inherently negative views, and my ever-present bitch shield, I am finding that lately I seem to be the most optimistic of my single friends, male and female. A Sunday night discussion on Twitter made me realise that NO ONE seems to have hope in even finding someone vaguely interesting in life, and everyone seems disillusioned and despairing.

    Maybe it’s because I never had any illusions in the first place, but I am quite happy to put myself out there, publicly and without any skaam whatsoever, and even pay to check it out (gasp!). Not because I believe in happy endings, white knights or other such nonsense, but because I believe in that old adage ‘don’t knock it til you try it’.

    For someone like me, who has minimal free time, is online 12+ hours a day and is sick of the randomness and bull shit that drunken bar hook ups seem to offer, I think it’s at least something different.

    It’s only been a few weeks of no ‘fun’ for me, and I may well end up throwing name when I eventually do get out, and who knows what else I may do… but I like the idea of having a different type of encounter, with no expectations, no issues and a chance to see what happens.

    P.S. We need to make a plan on the weekend, even if I treat… been too long!!

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