And I didnt even need to leave the house :)

May 17, 2010 at 1:45 pm (2010, Fun and Games)

Shitballs what a weekend, who knew that sitting at home studying and basically suffering from the worst cabin fever ever, would end up in all this. The last time I was in a situation like this I was in London, ahh London, I still love you but this is where it gets interesting.

So Player boy finally broke it off with x, I didnt really believe it all to be quite honest, I dont know how to perceive the situation but I do know he wants me, I want him too but I’m not blind anymore so its easier to control, make sense? Saturday night, sitting at home, its about 1am and I am so over the books, I see my bottle of red vino, sitting there, all beautiful and ruby coloured and decide, screw this I’m cracking that baby and texting Player. Player didnt give me the response that I wanted so I sent a text to old faithful FWB, he came right over. I dont know how to explain this but FWB is so comfortable, so romantic in the way he does things and the best person to snuggle up to, I like him but my only fear with him is that he’s so gorgeous and lovely and there are so many girls out there that he could get. Have you ever felt that way about someone, like you arent good looking enough for them? I almost fear broaching the subject of where is this going just in case I lose what we currently have.

Sunday I spent the morning in bed with FWB, he makes me feel beautiful, the conversations we have and the things that he says, the way he touches me, I dont know, I’m confused because Player boy has snuck back into my thoughts, Player the complete opposite of the spectrum, with him its just passion and fiery lust and lots and lots of naughty thoughts. Player called Sunday evening, he was at the Engen getting dinner, I asked him to drop off some cigarettes, so he did, along with passionate kissing and the thought that if I dont stop this now I am going to end up shagging the guy.  Shew common sense prevailed I pushed him off. He left but he left his imprint in my mind, dammit I want him, I think his main aim in life is to drive me crazy.

So there it is, two boys and I think I know what they both want but it begs the question, is it what I want?


PS I love this picture, I love dragons.


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Just another day at the office:)

February 1, 2010 at 6:04 pm (2010, Fun and Games)

me: this dude sent me the pornoist sms ever babe

i’m not seeing him ever again

screw the date I don’t need to eat

Vic*: ?

3:18 PM me: a direct quote would be:

3:19 PM Where is ur work? Coz i really cu & hv hot steamin sex on ur desk. I’m gonna free 1530 if you interested

3:20 PM Vic: LOL

men are such idiots

on one hand you have a dyslexic nympho male

3:21 PM and then on the other side i have a clingy shy one

i say to hell with both of them, let’s go out soon and get new ones 🙂

3:22 PM me: i just canned myself stupid in the office ha ha ha ha ha ha

3:23 PM Vic: lol

you know what tho, i bet he thinks this is what you want to hear

me: dyslexic nympho

i do talk dirty when i am drunk its a bad trait

Vic: cos you wanted to get action on friday and he was all virtuous

3:24 PM so no he thinks you’re a nymph too and probably totally into his texts


just like shy boy* thinks i’m all into that sweet hand holding bs cos i was drunkenly saying shit on friday

3:25 PM from now on, we keep our drunken thoughts to ourselves and act like we couldn’t give a shit about them at all 😉

well, other than vague interest, hehe

treat them mean, keep them keen 😀

3:26 PM me: babe seriously need to stop talking dirty when i’m hammered

Vic: ye

and i need to stop going for nerds

3:27 PM me: i dont get it though

Vic: and figure out why i keep attracting number crunchers

we must aim higher

3:29 PM me: i dont do manual labour babe

3:30 PM i just cant, plus he lives off the N1, i dont like that highway and i try to avoid it at all costs unless i am going to RTD

Vic: ye

3:32 PM shy boy has a lot of plusses, including living and working nearby

but no muscles, no car and bad eye contact that makes me a little wary

3:33 PM and horrible and mean and shallow as this sounds, i can’t respect a guy who is too shy or clingy

especially not after dating a (albeit nerdy and r-tarded) alpha male

me: BRB

3:46 PM me: shew

computer just bombed

3:47 PM Vic: fun

4:00 PM me: just got another text

hes majorly sorry

and understands if i never want to c him again


4:01 PM Vic: lol

what did you reply to that first one?

me: he’s cooked babe

4:02 PM “seriously i dont know you well enough to be receiving texts like that, thats reserved for people who are in a relationship. Its a bit too much too soon Nympho Dyslexic*.”

4:03 PM Vic: lol, nice one

me: ha ha

never again

Vic: ye, sjoe

4:04 PM why can’t they just get it right

honestly just wish i could find one friggin guy who understands that fine balance between loser and freak

just one!

4:05 PM me: same here

4:06 PM such a freak of nature

4:07 PM Vic: totally

4:08 PM they are all either players, TOO nice (read wimps) or they’re freaks


4:17 PM me: big time – I think i will just say that i dont think we are on the same intellectual level and i dont think we should pursue this any further

4:18 PM Vic: lol, that sounds pretty arrogant and mean – just say that you’re not interested in pursuing a relationship at this point

4:19 PM that’s more or less what i’m going to say to shy boy

just think it’s best to let them down gently

me: i cant say that we havent even had our first date yet

4:20 PM Vic: yes, but you can say that you’re not looking to date

me: i need to just say i dont think we are suitably matched you want one thing and i cant give it to you, you dyslexic nypmho

Vic: telling someone you can’t see them because you’re better than them just isn’t the ideal way to do things 😉

me: i know

4:21 PM ha ha ha

but wouldn’t it be fun

Vic: just say you don’t think it will work, and wish him well

then you can ignore any replies

4:22 PM but just like i can’t tell shy boy i’m not sure if he’s lying and he’s too skinny, too shy and just a bit too clingy too, sometimes a bit of tact goes a long way 🙂

me: hahahaha

i know i would just like to say that

it doesnt mean i would lol

Vic: i know, lol

just being your voice of reason 😉


4:23 PM ugh

just want to get home

me: unless i was pms and drunk

ha ha


4:24 PM hahaha, pms and drunk Holly tells it like it is 😉

4:26 4:49 PM Vic: i think avo toast, wine, mebbe chocolate, painkillers and couch

4:50 PM this is another reason why i need a man with a car

and likes to take charge

noisy man would have given me foot rubs and made a fuss over me, lol

4:54 PM me: haha

ooh a massage and chocolate

Vic: mehs

4:55 PM funny, shy boy is like total opp

4:56 PM makes me realise that there’s always a flipside 😉

will chat later chick x

4:57 PM me: lol

(*Names have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent)


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Summer Madness…

December 14, 2009 at 9:41 pm (2009, Fun and Games)

This last week has been a bit crazy, I have to admit I’ve gone off the rails a bit. Plan “bring crazy back” brought a whole new level of fun to my life, I now truly understand the concept of “the year of yes”.  I have allowed myself to become too staid, taking crazy out of my life brought a whole new level of boredom. I started forgetting all the good things about crazy, the unexpected parties, the unexpected Brit boy and as soon as I started allowing the crazy back in I have to say my life has taken an unexpected upturn. In the book The Secret they talk about allowing positive energy into your life, as long as you can dream it, as long as you are positive good shit happens. And maybe for me, crazy is just that, my positive side pushing out all the negative boring crap that happens on a day to day basis and bringing a new sense of lightness, happiness and a feeling that as scary as change may be, change brings a new adventure and I love new adventures. So I cant afford to travel right now, I will just create my own little journey in my backyard.

So it only ended up being a week of Brit boy, we hooked up a couple of times, it was really awesome, it made me realise alot of things but the greatest thing to come out of it was the realisation that I am not lost, I am still me and no matter where I am in my life and in this crazy fucked up world, me is not such a bad place to be. And to be quite honest he made me feel so damn sexy, Irish did that for me after Bad Shag destroyed my self esteem and now Brit boy has done it again. Dont get me wrong, I dont have shitty self esteem, some might say I am far too over confident but when you dont put yourself out there you start to retreat into yourself and sometimes thats not a good place to be.

I find it quite amusing that as soon as you put yourself out there, good stuff happens, all of a sudden the propositions are there. I have always liked Monster Munch but didnt give the thought of scoring him a second thought. He is a complete trust fund baby but with a wicked sense of humour and a penchant for causing mayhem. Eek he tried, I feel guilty I totally batted him for a six but when someone you never thought would ever go for you does, you also realise that all is not lost, ooh baby, I’ve still got it.

The good news that I havent told you guys yet:

  1. I am finally getting my raise along with the inflation increase raise in February, my boss is not as stingy and full of shit as I thought. Exciting times, I may just start looking for another job anyway.
  2. I love HM Revenue and Customs, finally after two years I am getting my tax back, and damn but all those Pounds have been worth the wait. Exchange rate you better stay high.
  3. I’m moving to town next year and I really cant wait for that adventure to begin, I really do beleive the move will bring a whole new chapter to my life.
  4. Brit boy ended up being an asshole, as exciting as the inital stages were he was a bit of chop and a bit doff too, doff turns me off. But I had fun and thats whats important at the end of the day. He was just a catalyst, a means to an end, a stepping stone on the road toward being me again.

So summer is here, late nights, warm glistening water on sun soaked skin, the smell of wet, hot pavements after the summer rain and a wonderful sense that anything is possible.



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Erogenous Zones: Not Always Where You’d Think

November 8, 2009 at 5:36 pm (Fun and Games, Kisses, Let's Talk About Sex Baby)


Lying in bed this morning, I was doing one of my favourite things – making my man get goosebumps on his chest. Strangely enough, I didn’t have to go below the belt to do this… there are just certain things and certain places that I know exactly how to deal with to get goosebumps. This got me thinking how many erogenous or sensitive zones there are and how easy it is to give or get a shiver without going for the main areas…

  • The neck; whether it is the back of his neck where his hair curls into a little ducktail, or the sides or that little hollow above the collar bone
  • Just below the breasts; the top of my tummy just underneath the boobs is super sensitive
  • His chest; running nails down the center is an instant shiver and goosebump trick
  • Hands and wrists; amazing how sexy hands can be sometimes…
  • The hollow of the back; ticklish almost beyond comfort, this area is quite amazing
  • The corner of his lips; kissing him just on the corner of his mouth drives him insane!
  • The feet; a foot rub can be both soothing and sexy, depending on the mood and intentions

At the end of the day, a good shag can be just that – straight up wham bam, or it can be more of an experience. Sometimes you can even drive each crazy and never progress beyond a kiss. Sensuality is where it’s at, and while that doesn’t mean that wham bam doesn’t have its place, there is definitely something to be said for slow seduction, hehe.

~ Vic

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Size can matter

October 27, 2009 at 8:38 pm (2009, Fun and Games)

Argh its official my boss is an A class asshole, the past five days have been a high string of emotions that makes me wish I didn’t have a vagina. Friday was supposed to be my happy day, bonus day which leads to shopping day. I used to not be much of a shopper until London, shopping in London is my happy place.  Bonus day arrived with a giant fat “fuck you” attached to it, one giant slap through the face that made me want to quit on the spot. No more unpaid overtime for you buddy.  Called a meeting, ranted and raved and finally burst into tears . It takes alot for me to get emotional but I was positively shaking with rage. I have another meeting this week, I’m prepared, its all very well thought out and the storm that is raging within me will finally be released.  I will remain calm and proffessional but will beat those damn bastards down, they will not win. (I still went shopping though, why they give me accounts is beyond me, so sneaky)

Shew the vent was good. Oooh I have topic ha ha, let us head that way.

Obsession for men

As with all topics they have always have some story behind it,  even the stripper post has a story behind it. Alot of girls will say that size doesnt matter but is it so does, unless you are a virgin when you get married and have never seen a penis in your life, size does matter. The poor virgin chick is going to keep on wondering why she doesnt feel anything for the rest of that marriage, yes, I know, I am terrible.

One night we were out in Hout Bay, Thursday night madness at Kronendals, cheap beer and lots of flirtations. Lets think, this was about maybe 7 years ago, with usual crew which of course includes Angie and Vic. A hot summers night, with lots of beer being consumed, I was definitely pulling a few moves on some really hot Hout Bay Boys, okay maybe one in particular but damn he was fine.  Told designated driver that I was staying at Hout Bay Boys place, she gave me the Angie look but said fine anyway. We went back to his place and it started getting heated, hand headed for trousers and then….Shock! Horror! Hot Hout Bay Boy had a very tiny dingle dongle down below. I actually sat up, I didnt know what to say, “ummm, ahhhh ja, hey, I dont think this going work” , in my head I was thinking, did I just say that, fuck! “Umm, ja, hey, I think I better go.” Raced out of there and phoned Angie (thank God for cellphones). She fetched me and we got out of there very fast.

Yes, I sound like a complete bitch when I tell this story and yes some poor bastards out there have serious issues about their penis’, BMW drivers in particular but unfortunately its the truth. Sometimes, yes sometimes, it can be down to the motion of the ocean but like the ocean you have to have something to work with in order to create that tidal wave.

Different strokes for different folks.

But in that same breath, I had a very good guy friend (no, not a shag buddy) we used to hang out in Claremont all the time, we got hammered the one night, went back to the folks place to chill and drink more, when  he decided that now was the time to show me his penis, he had been going on about his giant cock for ages and how proud he was of it, who was I to put the poor guy down, it was like a game of I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. So I said “Ja, sure lets check it.” This thing was huge, a frigging anaconda, I was scared of it. He laughed at the shocked look on my face. All I could think was how does that damn thing fit. He ripped me off for a looong time, “Hollys scared of my penis”. And to be quite honest, I really was.

There are always two sides to every story but yes, size, definitely, does matter.


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Strip Clubs hmmm

October 20, 2009 at 4:41 pm (Fun and Games)


Today there were some serious debates going down after reading Vic’s post. I posted the question to my panel of experts aka my colleagues “is it okay for your boyfriend to visit a strip club?” Since all of them are attached I was interested to hear what they had to say on the subject and only one of them had a serious problem with it. Short shit was even saying she would even go with (so would I). The issue here I think is trust, most of them said they would only get mad if their significant other didnt tell them about it and I agree with that sentiment, if they lie about going to a strip club, what else are they lying about?

The other side of the panel, Vic and Admin say they cant handle the thought of them coming home and comparing them to some stripper while shagging. Fantasies are fantasies, they arent you, the person that they love. And 9 out of 10 guys are still wanking off and watching porn while dating or married to you so whats the difference? I can bet you R 500 they arent thinking of you while wanking off to Paris Hiltons latest porn offering. I have always been taught by my Mother that boys will be boys and you have let me be just that, it has nothing to do with you and doesnt change how they feel about you. Yes it does make men sound like perverted little things but really think about it, woman shag with emotion and guys shag for pleasure. While you are fantasising and playing with yourself you are thinking about the person that you like and well men, they are thinking about tits and tush.  Strip clubs are a fantasy, an over priced fantasy with no touching but a fantasy all the same.

I however love strip clubs, there is something so incredibly sexual about being surrounded by beautiful naked woman.  The heat, the music and being there with someone that you care about and not knowing whether or not you will quite make it home before you rip each others clothes off.



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Fun and games

September 1, 2009 at 6:52 pm (2009, Fun and Games, Guy Skills)

One of my favourites things to entertain myself with at work is smsing my boyfriend all sorts of dirty innuendos and hints. This serves a number of purposes – firstly, I get a kick of out making him lose his focus at work (yes, I am evil) and also it makes it even more fun when I know I’m going to see him later.

Sometimes we even play this game when we’re out, it’s a fun part of foreplay I suppose and it never fails to delight me when I know what he’s thinking as he reads my texts.

This got me thinking, games are a lot of fun and great way to keep things fresh – but at what point do you draw the line, and is there such a thing as too much experimenting? Currently we’re pretty tame, aside from the texts and saucy underwear and occasional blindfolding we don’t really need much of the hardcore stuff. This seems to work for both of us, and I also think that sometimes when you’re always trying to experiment and try new things, you tend to lose that simplicity that enables you to have a mind-blowing time with no props or agendas at all.

So, while we will certainly try a few more tricks in our repetoire,  I hope we’ll never have the need for his ‘n hers dildos or hectic bondage sets. His strip teases are pretty much enough to get me going – hilarious as they are, it is almost impossible to not be turned on, hehe.

~ Vic

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The Underwear Question

August 22, 2009 at 5:30 pm (2009, Fun and Games)

underwearLa Senza or bust!

The boy came to visit today, and as I had gotten out of the bath, I didn’t bother putting on underwear. Thinking back, I have been doing this a lot lately. Don’t get me wrong – I adore La Senza (as does he), but somehow going commando and negating pants is so satisfying on so many levels.

First, it’s more comfortable. Usually, I opt for g-strings or sheer boy leg underwear, but not wearing any at all is far more comfortable than either of these. Also, I take great delight in texting my man during the day to tell him I ‘forgot’ to put anything on – it is even more fun to text him when we’re out at a party or club to tell him.

Overall though, I just feel hotter when I don’t wear underwear. I feel just as hot as I do when I’m wearing beautiful frilly, lacy and whispy things in pink and white. But maybe just a tad naughtier too, hehe.

~ Vic

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Toys for couples… hmm

August 12, 2009 at 7:30 pm (Fun and Games)


I recently came across something that made me laugh out loud a little bit… toys for couples. Now don’t get me wrong, bedroom aids can be fun, but when it comes to toys, I’m just not so sure.

Here are some examples that I might try, as well as some that I wouldn’t touch with a six foot barge pole…

* Tickler – a two-way cock ring slash clitoral stimulator. Ok, maybe I’d consider this.

* Double adapter – not quite a strap on, one end goes up you, the other end up him. Um, no. It’s just too much, I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

* His ‘n hers SM kits – to see who’s the boss. I just don’t know about all the leather and bossiness stuff. I’ve always wanted a paddle, or a feather whip, and I like the idea of spanking him into submission… but PCV and leather and the hard stuff just doesn’t really do the trick for me.

Those are just a few I could think of off the bat, any other suggestions that you may consider?

~ Vic

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I think its time for you to leave…

August 6, 2009 at 4:13 pm (2009, Fun and Games)

Vic, I have to agree with you, relationship sex is completely different but somehow better.  They say it has to do with female’s emotions and maybe it does but at the same time it can be rather awkward telling your one night stand “you’re doing it wrong, stupid”.  Although, I have to admit I have absolutely no qualms with moving a guy’s hand in the right direction or just giving a guy directions in general. What? Am I supposed to stare at the stars while you fuck it up, I don’t think so.

I was chatting to the Guru yesterday on Facebook, maybe begging for sex a little and the topic of conversation moved to how sometimes you are just not in the mood for that unemotional fuck. He was telling me about how it can be exciting initially but once that person is there, you don’t want them there anymore and you just want the shag to be over and for them to leave. I have to agree and have to admit I have kicked a few boys out of my bed with nothing, evil I know.

If I don’t want something, there is no way in hell that you are going to get it out of me. One night I was out, I met a boy, we sucked face, the hormones were raging, so I decided to take him home with me. By the time we got home, I wasnt in the mood anymore and all I actually wanted to do was pass out, I didnt want him there, some random that I didn’t really give a shit about, so I said “I think its time for you to leave.” He wasn’t impressed. I didn’t care. He bitched and moaned about his hard cock, I made him walk back to Oblivian at 4 in the morning.

I don’t necessarily agree with the one night stand shag, it can be amazing don’t get me wrong but you always walk away a little empty. The birds may be tweeting because the orgasm was amazing but you always tend to ask the question “was it all worth it?”. “Who is this person to me?” And, how you somehow wish it was a someone that you cared about instead of a random.

However, I will never forget that one, hot, sweltering night with the Australian.  Mmmmm standing on the balcony wrapped in the Australian Flag, dripping with water/sweat from hours and hours…need I say more.

😉 Holly

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