Erogenous Zones: Not Always Where You’d Think

November 8, 2009 at 5:36 pm (Fun and Games, Kisses, Let's Talk About Sex Baby)


Lying in bed this morning, I was doing one of my favourite things – making my man get goosebumps on his chest. Strangely enough, I didn’t have to go below the belt to do this… there are just certain things and certain places that I know exactly how to deal with to get goosebumps. This got me thinking how many erogenous or sensitive zones there are and how easy it is to give or get a shiver without going for the main areas…

  • The neck; whether it is the back of his neck where his hair curls into a little ducktail, or the sides or that little hollow above the collar bone
  • Just below the breasts; the top of my tummy just underneath the boobs is super sensitive
  • His chest; running nails down the center is an instant shiver and goosebump trick
  • Hands and wrists; amazing how sexy hands can be sometimes…
  • The hollow of the back; ticklish almost beyond comfort, this area is quite amazing
  • The corner of his lips; kissing him just on the corner of his mouth drives him insane!
  • The feet; a foot rub can be both soothing and sexy, depending on the mood and intentions

At the end of the day, a good shag can be just that – straight up wham bam, or it can be more of an experience. Sometimes you can even drive each crazy and never progress beyond a kiss. Sensuality is where it’s at, and while that doesn’t mean that wham bam doesn’t have its place, there is definitely something to be said for slow seduction, hehe.

~ Vic


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The Lip Test

July 20, 2009 at 8:11 pm (Kisses)

After my naughty boy left just now I was thinking about lips, and how almost without fail I can identify how a guy will kiss… just by looking at his lips.

Everyone has their favourite types of lips and kisses, I see benefits in all of them. Here are some of the things I look out for when sussing a dude out:

* Shorter upper lip, bigger bottom lip – these guys have softer kisses, with less tongue. Also, bottom lips are perfect to nibble on.

* Small mouth, very thin lips – they can still kiss well, but they never quite open their mouths enough.

* Full lips – sometimes these don’t get it right, and there isn’t enough tongue or nibbling. Other times they are textbook perfect.

* Dry, chapped lips – often they don’t quite hit the ‘good kiss’ mark, and either use too much tongue or they kiss too fast. Also, it just doesn’t feel that good compared to say, soft and kissable lips.

My boy falls in the full lipped category… he has an amazing range of kisses though, and he knows just how to strike the right balance. As for the thing he does with Lindt balls… sheesh.

Have I mentioned how much I love kisses??

~ Vic

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Kiss the Boy…

July 19, 2009 at 7:48 am (Kisses)

The Teenagers

I was finally allowed to go to my first social, I was in Standard 5 and wow this was a big deal.  Groote Schuur social, boys standing on one side and girls on the other. I met a boy, he was in Standard 4, my very first toy boy. It was sweet, we held hands and promised each other that we would go bike riding the next day.

Next day with my heart beating out of my chest, we rode down to the VOB fields, bikes to one side and inbetween a boys legs for the first time, we kissed. Growing up, and watching shitty programmes like Loving and Santa Barbara you have this idea of what kissing should be, this passionate, soapified ahhh, oh baby. But then when you pull away and you have spit drooling from one cheek to the next, those ideas are quickly squashed, I honestly think that that particular kiss put me off boys for a good 6 months and that I was well into my Std 6 year before I let a boy anywhere near my lips again.

But we all have our firsts and that was mine, thankfully it got a hell of alot better, tingles in places you shouldnt be thinking about at the age of 15 better, and so the stories begin….-till next time, Holly Vegas

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The first kiss…

July 18, 2009 at 7:35 pm (Kisses)

First kisses are funny… you never quite know how they’ll be, but somehow they end up being worthy of remembering.

My first kiss was a set up. One of my best friends had decided that it was time, and I was duly set up wit the cute boy I’d met the night before. At the time I’d kinda had a crush on a much older (probably very inappropriate boy) but the boy who popped my smooching cherry was really cute, and I’m glad he got to be the first.

I don’t remember much about what we talked about, sitting in my friend’s lounge, but I do remember a very sweet, hesitant kiss. It was awesome, if only I’d known what utter shits boys could be!

~ Vic

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